Friday, April 27, 2012

Mr. Modulator's Viewpoint

 I have been meaning to post Mr. Modulator's account of the Overpowered scene I wrote about from last weekend. I am reminded to do so today, and I also learned that both his and my stories were reposted by Pretty Kinky Things. Thank you! Here is his writing:

The plan. She’d play the brat… and at some point after she takes off her collar to indicate she’s ready, I would initiate the scene.

We are in a large play space.. about 30x30. The cross I plan to use was near the wall opposite of where she stood talking to someone. She was facing away from it/me.

Starting about 10feet from behind, I stride up behind her and with my right hand I grab the hair at the nape of her neck, and the with the left, I grab her neck.. as I’m grabbing, I say “little brat, come here!”

She lets out a little yelp as I latch on and snatch her.. and I nearly lift her clean off the ground, as I haul her bodily to the other side of the room, and the waiting cross. The yelp turned directly into a mad bit of giggling, but only the kind that you’d hear from an expectant subby.. when their body says “oh shit! He’s going to get me!!” and the subby part of the brain replies, “I KNOW!! WEEEEE!” (Thank you, J, for that quote)

In just a few seconds, I crossed the distance of the play space, walking backwards, with her in tow. I spun and planted her onto the cross facing me.. I think this part took all of about 3-4 seconds total. Very quick and sudden was the plan. ;-)

Later, The gent she was speaking with related that I interrupted her mid sentence. That he saw me move rather quickly up behind her, and he was rather impressed by how I seemed to nearly carry her across the room, turn and put her, bodily, onto the cross.

I grabbed her hair again, and gave a growl at her about this being what mouthy little brats get .. I glare at her, and she sticks her tongue out for a second, before I tighten my grip on her hair and grab her neck with my other hand.. she may have yelped and rolled her eyes back into her head and gasped. I dig my nails into the sides of her neck, and draw them down to her clavicle (Pain, to keep interrupt her attempt at wandering to sub space). From there, I reach down between her breasts and hit that pressure point on the sternum, before I draw my nails back up her chest.

I switch hair holding to my left hand, and get pull the knife from my belt. I lean back into her, and place the edge of the blade under her chin, and growl some question about whether the brat likes to get cut.. and she replies, with a rather convincingly scared voice, “oh god, don’t cut me”.. and I swipe the blade from one side of her neck to the other, and even more roughly, “too late for you bitch!” She moans and rolls her eyes.. and I nearly lose her into sub space. But we don’t want that. So with the hand holding her hair, I twist and place the thumb into the space below the occipital bun (for a few seconds).. which brings her right back with a gasp. I then drag the edge of the knife down her throught, and across he chest, in nice long smooth slashing motions. I alternate between watching my knife work, and looking in her eyes. I ease up for a second, to give her a brief respite, and gauge how she’s doing..

Satisfied that she’s been at the edge, but not too much beyond, I lean back just enough to spin her around to facing the cross, and we continue. More hair, clawing across her chest, and at some point, I had removed her bra.. so clawed a good bit under the breasts.. and up and down her back. (Those were some interesting marks, later in the evening).

She squirms and fights.. so I pull her head back, by way of the hair.. until she started having to arch her back a bit too. With her weight trapped between me and the cross, I use my right leg to slide her up the cross enough that she’s no longer touching the floor, and laying back with be holding her up. The plan being that it’s one thing to be man-handled while on the ground.. it’s quite another experience when you’re being tormented, while lifted off the ground, so you have little control at all of where you’re at.

This is another time for heavy clawing and some breath play. I get the feeling, from how her body is reacting and tensing, that I’m approaching a limit on this, and let up just as she’s saying yellow. Which means I turn my attention to other parts that are becoming tender from abuse..

I slide her down, and she’s more wrestley than before.. perhaps more panicked? I lift and spin her, and slam her into the cross which rocks the cross back a bit, and then back into the floor and some board on it breaks from the impact. With my right hand, I grab the cross, and with the arm, I lean my weight in across her chest, and slide a knee between her legs, to put pressure against her crotch. I glare at her again, and as I grind my leg into her, she orgasms a few times. . More torment..

One last spin to her facing away from me.. I grab and claw her legs.. outside and insides of her thighs.. catching and tearing her fishnets. I even grabbed her thigh in several places, clawing too (Which left some interesting bruises!) I’m pretty sure she orgasmed a few more times there too. She feels like she’s wearing down, and I’m going to hit a limit soon.. so I growl that I’m done with her, and push off of and away, to leave her on the cross, alone.

(Of course I came back to her, after a few seconds, for after care.. I’m not a monster!)

This was most definitely the most violent and intense scene I’ve done so far. A step above the last one I wrote about.. but definitely some of the same feel between them.

In normal scenes, I’d start slowly and work to bottom/sub into sub-space and continue work from there. In this scene, I did intend to work to keep her out of that space.. but it wasn’t until we were in scene, that I recognized this as a goal.

My headspace.. I tried to maintain the energy intensity of the scene.. I was singularly focused on what I was doing to her. I could feel others in the room, but they were off in the distance. Music was playing near, but I couldn’t hear it. When I focused my gaze at her, I suppose you could say that I was focusing and directing energy at her.

There was a feeling of being in control.. of being observant of her, and knowing how she was at any given moment. That wasn’t active, more like a side process that was reading her body/energy/breathing etc.. I could feel when the intensity reached a peak in her, and when there was a lull. When she became slightly panicked at being choked. It was a very interesting experience.. being that hyper focused, and yet still aware of so much.

I did not feel hate, nor anger. Tho what I did may have seemed in part, driven by that. I felt focused, above all else.. and I enjoyed that. I enjoyed the reactions I got, and that I knew I could generate a certain reaction.

Mine is an evil grin.

-Mr Modulator

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