Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 I have earned a bit of a reputation with my kinky friends for being a bit of a brat. I really love playing this role.  It really goes back to playground days and is a lot of fun for me.  I think I like it most because it gives me (and my playmates) a reason for beating me or fucking with my my head, and I sometimes still need a good reason to accept that sort of attention and activity.  Sometimes, my partners need it too, to bring out their Domly or sadistic sides.  It is a fun game we play.  Of course, I only play with those who I find will enjoy it, those who have a good sense of humor about it.  I am sure there are Domly types who wouldn't like a smart ass brat.  I am pretty sure that wouldn't be a someone that I would find fun to play with, though.

I have been thinking about different kinds of bratty behaviors that I can expand upon in my brat repertoire. I mostly play a generally rebellious "you're not the boss of me and you're not so tough!" sort of brat.  A gentle challenge of authority by way of sticking out my tongue or rolling my eyes.  I became well practiced at that when I was a teenager, and it's fun to bring out those skills again, with much more exciting results now.  I tend to not be terribly disrespectful, just sort of silly and teasing in just the right amount to illicit a Domly response to want to hurt me.

Since playing with Mr. Toy and now spending time with his lady, who we shall call Alpha Domme, I have been fantasizing about being a tattletale brat.  I think this comes out because of his switchy-ness and the fact that she likes to take charge of him.  I kind of love the idea of him topping me and doing some sort of planned "wrong doing" that she told him not to do, which might make me tattle on him to her, which would get him in some fun trouble (which I could have more bratty fun mocking him while he is being punished), and then I would get in trouble and punished for tattling.  By him. Or her. Or both of them!  See, what fun playground politics these are!  Clearly, the idea of punishment turns me on.  And clearly, I am in need of a good, over the knee, bare handed spanking like the bad little girl that I am.  Ahem, I think I got off track a bit...

Another form of brat that is interesting me lately is the dicktease brat.  I don't know how well I can pull this one off. I tend to feel awkward about flirting and teasing boys and I kind of avoid it too much if I am not prepared to follow through.  That "look" that guys get when they are pushed to the point where they really want sexual contact... I have a hard time resisting that look, so I try not to push for it unless I am willing to indulge them.  But this would be a very fun skill to develop.  Especially if it was a known part of the game. My years of self denial from my marriage have formed a very strong sense of self-control in me. While I am trying to let go of that control when it is appropriate, and I like to play with having my self-control challenged with orgasm denial and forced orgasms, in most situations, I am not going to lose control of myself sexually. I am far too guarded and ethical in that regard. So I think I could really be challenged and have fun at being a dicktease brat with the right person.

I am very curious about other kinds of brattiness.  I joined a brat group on FetLife and plan to poke around, but I would love to hear your suggestions or ideas!

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