Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Change of View

Just now, I changed my panties from perfectly clean, adequate, yet kind of baggy frumpy panties to much cuter and more skimpy form-fitting ones.  I am not going on a date and I am not expecting anyone to see them tonight. I just didn't feel sexy under my pants. So I went out of my way to change just the panties, simply so I might feel a little bit more sexy and less frumpy. And you know what? It worked. And this all occurred without me giving it much thought... I was uncomfortable because I didn't feel as sexy as i could for a completely average, evening without sexual expectations, and so I made a change because it seemed like a completely logical and rational thing to do for myself. I feel like this is kind of a significant thing, as insignificant as it is in reality. It's like I am starting to think that wanting to feel cute and sexy, deep down and all for myself, is important or something. Imagine that.

In other random thoughts, I am really at the end of my archive of sexy pictures of myself that are bloggable. And I found a fun new photo editing program to play with! Clearly, this means I need more sexy pics. This is a reminder and an invite for help for making some new images for the blog. Any offers to help? :)

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