Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo-Fantasy Challenge, Day Two

 Today's challenge photo was taken last night, after spending the convention evening with lots of my closest friends.  I wore a long skirt with my cute striped knee socks and bare upper legs underneath.  I brought along red and back Sharpie markers and asked over a dozen of my friends to write an adjective that reminds them of me on my thighs. They didn't have to tell me the word, in fact, I asked them not to tell me. Almost all of the words were written on me while I was in a public area like the hotel lobby, or in a time or place where there was a high risk of being walked in upon during the writing or explanation, particularly by strangers. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it also felt really good.  It felt better with each interaction and word, actually. I described it as a self improvement project, and described more if asked. Almost everyone I asked seemed very happy to participate, and a couple of people politely refused but wished me success in my project. I ended up with 14 words written on me:

1. Sexy 2. Multi-Orgasmic 3. Insatiable 4. Mischevious 5. Adorable 6. Horny 7. Lovely 8. Adorkable 9. Happy 10. Slutty 11. Bootyluscious 12. Effervescent 13. Smirky 14. Naughty

All very revealing and descriptive!  It was really nice to read these words on my flesh, written by new friends and old friends.  Clearly, given the nature of the act and the location on the body, needing for me to hike up my skirt to present my canvas, some of the words were a bit sexually suggestive, which made me happy.  It seems the people who know me best wrote the most sexually charged words. And the more they knew me, the higher up my thigh they wrote. I had words in mind that I had hoped Damascus and Modu would write, and they both did without me telling them, which made me very happy!

 As for the fantasy writing of today's project, I am going to make the decision to skip that part of the challenge today, seeing as the fantasy was lived out to create the photograph.  I think that should go above and beyond the fantasy writing part, don't you?  The idea actually started in a conversation that Hedo and I had the other day, when he suggested that he would ask me to do something like this task at a play party. I have been fantasizing about it ever since, actually. I added the specific task of asking for an adjective, which adds a thoughtful element for me.  I liked the tense moments waiting for my friends to think of their words and the anticipation of feeling the pen on my skin and the surprise of reading the word for the first time. 

I wonder a little bit about variations of this challenge... would asking strangers be harder for me than asking my closest friends?  What if I asked for other types of words?  What if I was written upon while tied up or restrained?  There are lots of possibilities, I suppose.  But honestly, I feel like my interest in this fantasy has been pretty fulfilled by this project.  I feel satiated with the kink of being written upon at the moment, but I am sure another form of this fantasy might form in the future, as I feel very pleased with the result.

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