Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo-Fantasy Challenge, Day Six

orgasmic eyes

He ran his hand over my breast, lightly grazing my nipple, sending shivers of delight through my body.  He leaned in and nibbled lightly on my neck, his soft lips teasing my delicate flesh.  He worked his way to my ear and whispered, "I want to watch you come tonight."  The very thought warmed me throughout my entire body. "And I want you to watch me watch you.", he continued.  Wait, what?  What did that mean? I wondered.  

The moved his head away, holding me in his lap, still playing with my nipple, with my head resting in his other hand.  He gently flicked at my nipple and I arched my back, my head pressing into his hands as I closed my eyelids as my eyes rolled back in pleasure.  Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and said, "Look at me!"  Surprised, I snapped out of my dreamy state, my eyes opening and locking on his.  He looked very serious.  "But it feels so good!", I said, closing my eyes again, arching back and smiling. "And I want to see it!" he snapped, twisting a handful of my hair again, making my eyes pop back open.  I could see that he was intent on eye contact tonight.  I blushed at the thought of him watching me so intently, and became a little irritated at him for directing how I should enjoy the pleasure he was giving to me.  But I understood that if I wanted more... and I did want more... that I would have to play by his rules.

We continued to snuggle and his hands wandered all over me.  Each time he would gently caress one of my erogenous zones, I would start to melt and forget about the eye contact, slipping into my natural heavy eyelid state of happy warmth.  And every time, the slip was short lived, as he would shock me with a burst of pain to remind me to look at him... a hair tug, a pinch, a sharp bite... each perfectly timed as a reminder of the game we were playing. 

He started to slide his hand into my panties, delicately rubbing against my clit.  That totally made me start to swoon and fall into sleepy pleasure.  He pinched my erect nipple hard, making me yelp.  And then I got frustrated.  I growled at him and clenched my eyes shut in defiance.  At that, he stopped rubbing my clit, which frustrated me more as I was getting close to orgasm.  And he clamped his fingers down on my nipple and twisted hard.  "Look. At. Me.", he demanded.  I held on as long as I could, eyes closed, clit throbbing for more attention, nipple screaming in pain.  I couldn't hold on any more and gave in to his demand, opening my eyes and locking onto his, angrily.

"Aww, what's the matter?  Do you want to come now?", he taunted.  "Yes!", I demanded  "Make me come, please!" I squirmed towards him, trying to maneuver his hand back into my panties.  But he withdrew it completely. "You are going to make yourself come, and I am going to watch you", he said.  He sat back, crossing his arms, assuming a position where he would be able to watch me properly.  I growled at him, frustrated at this twist of scene, but I could tell he wasn't going to budge in this new plan, and I was so close to orgasm that I didn't care anymore.  I resolved myself to do as he wished, and hastily pulled my panties off and spread my legs for him. 

My hand instinctively felt its way between my thighs, settling upon my hot little clit, and I started stroking.  My back arched and head tilted back, eyes closing again.  You would think I would learn! But no, it took the painful twist of my nipple to startle me into consciousness again. "Sorry, Sir!" I pleaded, wanting to please him so the pain would subside so I could finally let the pleasure take over.  I locked my eyes onto his, focused, and concentrated on my orgasm.  My body exploded in pleasure, his eyes staring deeply into my soul, as I gave my all to keep looking at him while the waves of orgasms overtook me.  It was a deep connection that surprised me.  As I fucked myself, the intensity of our locked eyes made me unable to look away, and the orgasms continued further and stronger than I expected, until I was completely satiated with sex.

My heart racing, gasping for breath, and wanting to sleep, I continued to look to him for further commands, but he just sat watching me with a satisfied grin.  As my body relaxed, my eyes became sleepy, but I didn't want to stop watching him.  "Rest your eyes now, Little Miss", he said, and a warmth came over me as I snuggled into his strong arms and into a dreamy sleep.

The photo above was taken in a series of pictures that Damascus took of me while I pleasured myself and had an orgasm.  It was very hot for both of us, and the pictures are both very sexy and difficult for me to look at.  I am only comfortable sharing a tiny portion of one picture here on my public blog.  I just wanted to give you some background so you know what you are looking at.  Yeah, I am kind of a tease like that. :)

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