Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo-Fantasy Challenge, Day Four

I have been reflecting on the Rope Class we took last week.  Other than the elaborate knotwork and rigging that we saw, one thing I noticed was that a couple of the girls seemed to enjoy being tied up and then took pleasure in getting themselves out of the rope.  While I totally understand the appeal of escaping and playing with that sort of dynamic with the person doing the tying, it seems that is not where my interest lies.  When I have been tied up, it makes me feel very content and obedient and submissive, and I feel myself wanting to stay that way for a long time, perhaps while being teased and usually my thoughts turn to wanting o be fucked while in rope.  So I thought I might use today's fantasy to explore some of those ideas.

I breezed into the room, full of excited and nervous energy.  I was bouncing around, babbling on about nothing important, and fidgeting like a child.  He just stood at the center of the room, arms crossed, watching me silently as I fluttered about.  I finally noticed that he was watching me but not responding so I stopped to get his attention.  I walked right up to him, stood before him, and bounced up and down gleefully.  Of course, this just made him look at me more sternly. 

"Are you almost done, Bouncy Girl?",  he questioned.

"Nope!" I said defiantly and bounced some more.

"You need to learn to be still", he said.

"Show me!" I challenged him.

He pointed over to the floor to the side of him.  "Strip down and stand right here", he barked, startling me.

"Ooh! Yes, Sir!" I retorted, obediently, peeling my clothing off as quickly as possible and stood still, eagerly awaiting his next command, hands instinctively reaching behind my back and settling one atop the other.  I had been practicing stretching into this pose for months, enjoying how instantly content and submissive it made me feel.

He moved to the cabinet and took out a bag filled with rope.  I stood at attention, still bouncing, arms behind my back, watching his every move.  He removed a bundle of bright yellow rope from the bag and moved to behind my back. 

"Oh good, you are in the perfect position", he said, pleased with my stance.  I smiled and bounced a little bit.  "But you need to be still!", he growled, moving in close to my ear and giving a handful of hair a hard pull.  I yelped as he reminded me of his dominance.

He spent the next several minutes passing the rope over my arms and hands, wrapping them together and pulling the rope slowly over my backside as he wound passed the rope around my arms.  The slow, calm movements of the rope sliding over my flesh put me at peace. He wrapped my hands together and started circling the extra rope around my torso, first on one side, and then the other.  He tied the loose ends together into a knot at my belly.  I stood there now, bound, quiet, and happily restrained for him.  As he looked at his handiwork and at my naked body covered in rope, I could see the desire in his eyes.  I started to get wet and moaned quietly, begging him to fuck me.

He pressed me to the edge of the sofa and bent me over the armrest. He spread my legs apart, unlatched his belt, and unzipped his pants.  The sounds of him undressing made my pussy throb and ache for him to be inside me.  He rested his hand on the small of my back and guided his hard cock into me, slowly.  Once he felt how wet I was and how easily he slid in, he knew I was ready for a good fucking, which he gave me, thrusting deeply in and out as I moaned and orgasmed, unable to move, but very pleased at the position he put me in.  I felt him come inside me and heard him groan as he filled my pussy.  He stayed inside for a few moments, spanking each cheek of my ass and then following the smack with a warm pet.  He withdrew and walked away to clean off, and I remained, happily restrained in the moment, our juices flowing together down my leg, happy to be bound in rope.

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  1. *smile* Usually I read your blogs for an insight into your mind. Today I read it and received an erection, and a big boost to my sex drive.

    You should write this sort of thing more. . . .You are good at it.