Friday, January 13, 2012

Play List

It's been a whole week since the play party and SO much has happened!  But I will try to stay focused here on writing about the party and events afterwards.  First and foremost, we had a great time!  It was a wonderful experience.  Damascus and I were both nervous and spent quite a bit of time being anxious before and during the party, but that is to be expected and we became comfortable and really enjoyed meeting people and watching people play.

I went to the party with an ambiguous checklist of things I hoped to accomplish.  These were not major things, just baby steps.

I hoped I would be able to walk around and hold conversations with people while they might be in various stages of undress, maybe even looking at their naked parts and not dying of embarrassment.  Check!

I wanted to witness some sort of BDSM activity and feel comfortable doing so, without wanting to run away or hide in the bathroom.  Check!

I wanted to expose some portion of my body in public that I have never done before. But hell, I come from such a sheltered place, that might have been my lower back, or upper thigh.  I ended up having my whole back exposed and most of my bottom, with my skirt lifted up and a good portion of ass showing.  While it was getting flogged and spanked!  That's a pretty big Check!

The day before the party, when contemplating what to wear, I settled on fishnets.  When I tried them on the morning of the party, I decided I wanted to experience another thing... to enter the party with them properly intact and leave with them holey and ripped to shreds. Of course, getting this done would have also required that I ask for it. And...CHECK! :)

I also wanted to feel the thud of one of the floggers that Damascus made on my skin, as well as a leather paddle that I bought a few months ago and haven't really experienced much.  This was the most difficult for me, because it meant that I would have to ask someone to do that for me.  I don't think it was cheating that I asked one of my best friends to do it. So... Check!

Actually, it was more involved than just having a friend play with a flogger on me.  We asked a gentleman, who I had met online and who she knew from a previous party, to lend a hand with his expertise. I did not know much of him before the party, only that he seemed to be a dominant type and he seemed very engaging and thoughtful, from the discussion we had online over the weeks leading up to the party. We ended up with a nice little private(ish) lesson, both in Topping for my friend and a peek into my new friend's techniques and philosophy with playing. It was not formal at all, just some light fun with floggers and experimenting with different toys.  Near the end, he took over and played with me a little, too, mostly with floggers and I remember some ice too, but I lost myself a little bit there (in a very good way) so I can't remember all the details.  Also there were people screaming excitedly and throwing candy around, so it's all a little blurry, hee.

In my ultimate and seemingly unrealistic fantasies about the party, I had hoped to experience a some play from someone new, as I have been starting to think about trying to find a Dom type to play with (which is a daunting task). But I clearly didn't expect it at all, because I knew I would have to feel VERY comfortable and I doubted that I would in a party mostly full of practical strangers. While it was mostly an experience in tactile sensations, there were brief moments when I felt the spark of a potential D/s dynamic with him, which excited me.  I held on to those thoughts and fantasized about it a bit while we played, which enhanced the experience. So, that's a huge, unexpected Check!

And I even had some tiny, rumbly, very quiet orgasms during my playtime, which was also very unexpected, considering all the distractions.  Damascus was by my side the whole time and made some new friends and had conversations with others, and I think he was pleased at how fun and comfortable it was.  It was a wonderful experience that I have been curious about for a long time, so I was very glad to have him with me, having a good time too.  I think I will be even more courageous at my next party, and will probably have a new set of check lists!

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