Thursday, January 19, 2012

Impressions of Rope

So Damascus and I went to our first exclusively kinky rope themed event last night.  We met Wolfe and Thyia there and we were expecting to see a few other people that we have met in the kinky classes that we have been taking.  The night started out pretty rough, as we drove about a half hour and found the place, quite out of the way, in a dark and not very nice area.  The event was held in an old motel, the outside of which was rather scary for this suburban white chick.  I was having second thoughts and we spent a while in the car as I wrestled with thoughts of driving back home.  Wolfe and Thyia were not there yet, but we braved the fear and went in anyway.  There were a couple of familiar faces and we got to look around.  The place was being renovated and looked very nice in the few finished rooms, which put me at ease a bit.  

We signed a waiver and stood around awkwardly for a while, and then we went to a smaller room with a couple other newbie couples and had a little demo.  The demo was a little hard to follow, mostly because I was distracted by a phone call from Wolfe trying to find the place, and then the two of them showed up and we were further (but happily) distracted.  We didn't have the right rope and missed part of the demo, so it was slow going, but eventually Damascus got me into a basic single and then double column tie.  My hands were bound behind my back and tied there and I asked to be helped down on my knees and Damascus asked if he could leave me that way so he could check out the other room.  I was perfectly content like that, so he did. I feel very calm and at ease when I am bound by rope.  I really like the feeling.

After that very brief demo, we decided to go watch the more advanced rope workers.  The small room was filled with half naked women and lots of pretty rope and there were a few suspensions that we watched.  Damascus and I took a seat on the floor, shyly getting out of the way to observe.  Thyia was suspended from the ceiling and it was beautiful to watch.  I was fairly content to watch, but I was still a bit anxious about the beginning of the evening and I sensed that Damascus was also anxious.  When I checked in with him, he told me he felt left out, and I figured we would be leaving soon.  But I asked him if we could ask the rigger who suspended Thyia if he could show us some things, and he liked that idea.  The evening got much better from that point.

I had spoken with this gentleman at one of the kinky events for a long time and watched him work and I was fairly comfortable with him by this point.  I asked if he would work with us and he seemed happy to do so.  Then Thyia excitedly suggested that he tie the two of us together, which got him excited, so this was the new plan. He tied her with some twine and then tied her hands together at her chest, she looked like a praying angel.  We soon moved into the main room so we had more room and we got a bit of an audience.  While many of the other girls were wearing very little clothing, I was comfortable in my tank top and leggings.  I do hope that I will someday become more comfortable to play in public wearing less, like a bra and panties, but I need to work up to that.  He tied me up into a rope harness while Damascus watched and learned and then he tied my arms with neon green rope.  I knelt in front of Thyia and he bound us together, my hands raised to touch her shoulders and bound to her back.  I really liked feeling close to her and I enjoyed people admiring the ropework on us.  There were a few pictures taken and then we both worked on wrestling out of our rope.  I had a little help as she grabbed the rope at my wrists as I squirmed out.

I was really pleased that I asked to interact and I think Damascus enjoyed watching the ropework being done.  There was another woman who was doing some beautiful decorative work that impressed us and I got in contact with her for classes, as that is the kind of work Damascus wants to do.  While I enjoy that work and want to explore it,  I am more interested in being bound as a tool as part of my submission fantasies.  Perhaps Damascus can bind me up all prettily and hand me off to someone who wants to do more dominant things to me while I am bound, something akin to an interrogation with a line of questions or statements that would make me squirm. Or I could be tied up and then subjected to orgasm control or denial or some sort of punishment. It's something I think we can play with together.

While the night was supposed to be primarily about rope, there was a little BDSM activity going on with one of the girls getting flogged and paddled and spanked near the end of the night.  We were happily cuddling with Wolfe and Thyia, but I could see a bit of that activity happening, with the girl's pretty ass glowing pink from the spankings and her squeals of pain and delight.  I also noticed part of some Dom/sub play with them and that got my mind wandering again and wanting some impact play myself.  It also reminded me of that D/s dynamic that I have been desiring, which is becoming stronger but is still hard for me to describe.  I have more to write about that, as I have been meeting and chatting with the gentleman from the play party to talk about the possibility of playing with him with this dynamic, which is becoming very exciting to me. 

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