Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reward (...or how I whored myself out for Cherry Chapstick)

So last Wednesday, before the weekend's play party, I had dinner with Hedo.  I had been taunting him all week by telling him I had a recurring fantasy involving him but I didn't want to write it out, I wanted to TELL him face to face.  See what a good little subby girl I can be?... setting him up so easily for an evening of making me blush and squirm as I try to tell him the fantasy in a crowded restaurant or public place.  It ended up making me so giddy and nervous, I totally lost my phone on the steps of city hall and that started another adventure.  The phone adventure didn't include blowjobs, so I will continue telling the story of the adventure that did...

So basically, my fantasy involved giving him oral sex.  Heh. There are details and extra exciting things about it that I also recounted to him and we both seemed to enjoy the fantasy. It took me a LONG time to recount this fantasy, by the way, it seemed like delicious hours, as we talked about all different apects of this BJ, and got off topic, and I played shy, and he played sadistic as people passed by. After finally telling him, we moved on to another subject, or so I thought... 

He wanted to come up with a challenge for me for my play party.  As if having a play party and possibly being naked or near naked in front of all of my friends wasn't a challenge enough!  But I did like the idea of a challenge, and I wondered what twisted thing he might come up with.  His first suggestion was for me to live out the oral sex fantasy with him, at the party, with him, in the bathroom!  eek!  Oh that made me terribly anxious and I was full of objections.  I have not done that with him before, and the thought of a quickie in the bathroom of a party with him made me a little displeased.  Because I wanted to have time and privacy to do that with him for the first time.  But he was pretty firm on this BJ in the bathroom idea, and he seemed to delight in watching me blush and squirm my way out of it.  Finally he told me he wanted me to do it, but it should be Damascus on the receiving end.  This still made me anxious... its a party full of my friends where I am the hostess!  What kind of slutty girl blows her boyfriend in the bathroom of her party?  Apparently me.  Heh.  Because I did, and it was pretty fucking hot!  I don't think Damascus minded much.  I gave him a heads up (hah!) and he was surprisingly fine with it.  He came rather quickly, too, so I will assume he was humoring me.  Or that I used my very best oral skills in that bathroom, as we heard our friends wander about the kitchen outside the bathroom door.  Or maybe it was just incredibly hot and pushed on our exhibitionist buttons.  Not that anybody knew.  Until I told them all.  And the ones I didn't tell will read it here. 

Anyway, back to that first night of scheming, when he finalized my party challenge, he jokingly promised me a tube of Chapstick after I completed my task.  Because, you know... dry lips that worked hard should be rewarded!  I made sure to remind him that he that he had better follow through on that Chapstick promise, and he let me know he was serious early in the party by showing me where the tube was in his front pocket.  Cherry, just like he promised.  The challenge was on then, I knew that I had to do it.  Moreover, I WANTED to do it.

At the end of the night, my lips moisturized with a fake cherry flavor, Hedo reminded me that this reward I wanted so badly was a huge value at 99 cents.  He joked that a BJ was on my value menu, seeing how happily I performed one for a tube of cheap lip balm.  I filled out my cherry card for the House (you get a cherry card when you do something you have never done before) and I wrote that I whored myself out for Cherry Chapstick. And while I was embarrassed at the thought of everyone knowing, I was pretty proud of earning that card.  It was like a second reward. (well, a third reward if you count the BJ itself, which I do!)

I am not even a huge fan of Cherry Chapstick, lol, but I wanted it!  I wanted to suck my boyfriend off at a party and I was pleased to get the "permission" to do that from my Dom and to please two men at the same time, in different ways.  And I was pleased to be rewarded with that lip balm. But I was even more pleased to have pleased him by completing a new task in another fun game between us.

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