Friday, March 16, 2012

Squirty Girl

I definitely, unquestionably, seriously had a squirting orgasm last night.  I have suspected that I have this ability and there have been many times where I thought I probably did squirt, but it was a little unsure.  I have gotten very, very wet and felt like I was dribbling a bit, but this was different.  This was clearly a sudden burst and gush of liquid projecting itself from my pussy during an uncontrollable orgasm. It was a feeling of "what the fucking hell is going on between my legs?" moment, but I didn't say that because I couldn't speak or move or do anything on my own, it felt like it was just happening and it wasn't going to stop!  There was a big wet puddle that soaked through two layers of sheets and left my head spinning and my legs feeling like jelly.

It's funny because I have been reading about techniques and tips for squirting and I have thought about it and tried it with little success.  Little dribbles, at the most.  But last night it wasn't even on my mind.  It was at the end of a very hot and sexy play session with Wolfe and I was pretty much done.  Or so I thought.  We were laying together and I was recalling all the hot things we had just done, and I was having a nice series of rumbly aftershocks and spontaneous orgasms from the memories and thoughts of the past hour.  During a nice rumbly part, he suddenly spread my legs and headed right to my Gspot.  He has this seriously superhuman ability to move his hands hard and fast like a vibrator, and he got just the right spot at the right time, I guess, and the wave of liquid exploded right out.

And I had heard about this but never experienced it... it had a distinctive flavor.  Wolfe lifted his fingers to my mouth for me to taste it, which I really like to do at any time because tasting myself on another is a very sexy, sensual, sharing experience.  This tasted sweet, almost like watery honey, which is something I have never tasted before from my body.

I am very excited that I know my body is capable of this as I have a couple of partners who find this really hot, which is a bonus in addition to me finding it hot myself and also WOW that felt amazing!  Clearly, the key is to not work so hard to try to squirt and to be relaxed enough to allow it to happen if it is going to happen.  It would be awesome if it happened again though!

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