Sunday, March 18, 2012


Ah, another play party, another shredded pair of fishnets.  This pic taken by a pretty girl and texted to me the next day, which was a nice reminder of a very good night.  Thank goodness for $8 Target fishnets.  They provide priceless amounts of interactive sexy fun for me and eye candy and a hot tactile experience for others!  The sound and feel of fishnet ripping is quite sexy, I think.

Well, I am pretty sure I can call my party a success! I took a day to recover (drove to the country an hour or so away and communed with some hippies and learned about sacred sexuality and sex energy) and today I spent debriefing with many of my party guests.  I spent some time with the ones who were newer to public play who I was most concerned about, and everyone told me their thoughts and stories about the party.  I think everyone there tried something new and left with a more open mind.  There were some unexpected pairings (gotta love the open opportunities that polyamory presents!) and it was really nice to see lots of people loving and playing with one another and exploring and experimenting together.  Several people thanked me for inviting them, telling me that this whole process added something new to their lives that they have been wanting but have been holding back in some way.  That was the best result I could have expected for this event, so I am so very pleased, and overwhelmed with happiness and compersion for my friends and lovers.

On a personal level, my intention was to first be a good hostess and make sure everyone was as comfortable and happy as possible before I spent any time with personal play.  For this reason, the time consuming and restraining activity of ropeplay that Damascus and I usually engage in at play parties was skipped.  We would have pulled out the rope if anyone had asked about it and wanted to try it, but it did not seem to be needed.  This turned out to be a really good decision, because he found other toys and people to play with, which made me extremely happy!  I love watching him explore his own kinky style and interests, with myself and with others. I got to be demo bottom bunny for several friends and for the owner of the House.  I was flogged, whipped, set on fire, among other things,  in light demonstration scenes. 

I could distinctly see the difference between this sort of bottoming for fun and demo and the sort of play that I really crave, with a trusted partner in a Dom/sub dynamic.  Modu was there and while I didn't spend much time playing with him at all, the precious moments of mini scenes we did spend together were very intense, subspace inducing, and amazing.  I love that we can have an incredibly intense interaction with so little activity.  He is able to stare into me, make a few strong and firm motions, and put me into my happy sexy subby headspace.  Those few quick little bursts were like shots of caffeine to get me buzzing through the whole party.  Much later in the night, when I felt that all my guests were happily engaged, playing, or at least content, I had a knife/sword/axe scene with Hedo.  It was also intense and delightfully fear inducing and had some of the D/s qualities that we have been playing with, mixed in with goofiness, laughter, and fun.  It made me incredibly happy and I loved every delicious second of it.  While the sharp object play with Hedo was the most scene-like thing I did on a physical level, he and I had many interactions and conversations throughout the night that explored some of our more psychological dynamic. I would like to blog about that, too, but I think the Cherry Chapstick challenge deserves its own post... sometime soon...

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