Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dirty Highlights

I have been feeling a little blue because of some misunderstandings and arguments with some of the closest people in my life lately, over things that should be fun, which is particularly sad for me. I am trying not to dwell on it, so I remembered a happy fun post I started here and figured I should come finish it up...

So one of my partners, not naming any fake names, wondered why I haven't posted many of my recent awesome real life experiences here on the blog.  Of course, he is a HUGE voyeur, so he loves to read those things, and I think he would especially love to read what I would write about him (not just all the emotional stuff about how he makes me crazy).  I don't know, some of those experiences I like to keep to myself, to hold them close to my breast for some reason.  Maybe it feels like bragging, because I gotta tell you, my love and sex life is pretty fucking awesome right now.  But I don't like to gloat.  Still, maybe some people would like to read a few tidbits anyway, so here are some recent highlights:

Damascus and I celebrated our third anniversary together recently! We enjoyed a night out and attended the Dirty Show, which is a cool art show with very sexy art! The opening of the show was filled with hot performances, burlesque, rope riggers, gogo girls in cages, and an exciting sexually charged atmosphere. We spent a couple of hours there and enjoyed it a lot. A couple of years ago, i think we both would have been uncomfortable, but it was great fun, which helps me realize how much we have both grown in the sexual comfort department, which is really great for our relationship. We were even inspired to take a few "dirty" photos of our own, and we have been doing more and more of that since the show. This also makes me happy since it has been one of my biggest hurdles in feeling comfortable seeing my body as a positive sexual force.

We seem to be doing very well navigating the emotional waters of having multiple relationships and partners.  There are ups and downs, and I sometimes struggle with balancing it all, but I think overall things are good and we are communicating as well as we can.

I spent time alone with Hedo for the first time recently!  After many long conversations over dinners, two public play parties, and countless messages and texts, we decided to spend time playing in private.  It took a lot of time building up that trust together, and it has been well worth it. I hope to write about this more later, as these thoughts could use their own post.

The foursome of Damascus, Thyia, Wolfe and I has been going very well! We have spent many hot nights together, including a special Valentines stay at a hotel with a hot tub and a long weekend at a spiritual Pagan-type convention. While the sexy time has been incredible and hot between all of us, we have grown closer in our relationships and I appreciate them helping me and Damascus getting back in touch with our spiritual sides. This is something that I have been lacking for a long time so it has been particularly good for me. I have been especially interested in aspects where kink, spirituality, and sexuality intersect.  Wolfe and I have been growing closer in particular and we have been exploring a little bit of dominant play in our sexy time.  Best of all, we all seem to really have a good time together and enjoy each others company.

I have had a few fun and flirty experiences with a couple of awesome girls who I haven't made pseudonyms for yet.  It's still very new and kind of complicated, but it is exciting and I am not sure where things might go and I am ok with that.  Sometimes I think too much.  Girls are soft and pretty. :)

Juesance and I had some great times together, followed by some not great times.  We worked things out and I am hoping the great times will continue again now!  We had one particularly hot afternoon where he used my long stripey kneesocks to tie my hands behind my back and torture me with an ice cube and his leather belt.  That was lots of fun!  I think he is exploring some of his more dominant traits and seems to delight in pulling my hair and spanking me and calling me the dirty and naughty sorts of things I like to hear.We seem to share a very charged and emotional dynamic together that pulls us together with a lot of passion.  Sometimes it makes us butt heads but I hope we will continue to understand each other and let the excitement and pleasure that we enjoy together win over the conflict.

That's the latest.  It took me a couple of weeks to write this, for some reason.  When I mentioned this to Prisma last night, she joked that it took so long because everytime I started writing, something even more awesome would happen.  It's kind of true.  Tomorrow there will be another play party and I am expecting most of my special people to be there!  This should be interesting...

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