Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dangling Carrots

Last weekend was quite awesome! It involved Hedo and dangling carrots, both figurative and literal.  Figuratively, he amped up my anticipation of spending time alone with him on Saturday night by sending me a suggestive picture of himself on Friday morning.  Now, while unsolicited pictures of naked men might not usually do much for me, this one was perfectly timed and very welcomed.  Well, sort of welcomed... it disrupted my productivity for the rest of the day pretty severely, as I needed to take multiple trips back to my bunk to fantasize and get myself off, but then again, it was a stressful day and I guess the distraction eased the work load.  Nicely done, Sir.
So the metaphor of the dangling carrot was foremost in my mind as he gave me a new task.  I was to purchase one item of fresh produce from the store, only that item, and keep it at my market booth with me all day long, in sight, until the end of the market when it was time for our date. Of course I chose a carrot as my produce, and I kept it in my booth with me all day until they came to pick me up. By the way, this was a double date with Hedo and his wife and her date/friend.  I felt quite honored to be asked on such a date, as it made me feel that what we are doing is accepted by his wife, which is important to me.  Furthermore, I learned that she enjoys helping him with some of the tasks and challenges he comes up with for me, which makes me even happier.  It's good to know that they are both a couple of fun, slightly sadistic freaks.

Bored in my booth, reflecting on the carrot metaphor, looking at my carrot, wondering what would become of it later that evening... I decided to grab some string and tie a little bondage corset to it to make it actually dangle in my booth.  I tried to hide this ropework activity from customers and fellow vendors, but there is was, a bondage carrot, hanging there below my table.  I sent a picture to Hedo, proud of my work, and he seemed amused.  I think that ruined the task though, which was apparently a silly thing involving his wife eating a decoy carrot and me being surprised and carrotless for Hedo, maybe resulting in punishment or something. Those details were a little lost as they were recounted to me in the evening air filled with laughter and alcohol.  I did have to keep the bondage carrot on the table in front of me as I ate, so the embarrassment potential was not lost at least.

Dinner and conversation were great, and much fun was had by all.  By the end of the evening, I was so worked up and wanting of the first figuratively dangling carrot, I was eager to get back home.  The contact I have been waiting for was driving me crazy by this point, and our night alone did not disappoint.  I hate to be a tease, but while part of me wants to recount and record every delicious detail of that night, I find that it is much too intimate to do so.  The memory is something I am treasuring and wanting to keep greedily to myself for now.  It was intense, orgasmic, dirty, sweet, rough, caring, and so much fucking fun all rolled up together. He made me feel like a naughty, slutty, princess rockstar that night and I was intensely euphoric for the whole next day.  I also got to experience more intensely our Dom/sub dynamic and am coming to understand more fully the complexity of my desire to submit to him, in the fun and unique way that we play.

But alas, three intense days of build up and floating from such an intense experience are bound to lead to a bit of a crash.  By Monday afternoon, I felt a drop.  Sub-drop, perhaps.  It was a little bit of a depressed feeling, even though I was still incredibly happy, so that was weird.  I got a little weepy thinking about how happy I had been, how much I loved the experience, and maybe the tearfulness came in with irrational fear that I might never feel that way again, that I might never feel like a slutty princess again...I was just a regular girl again. Mostly I had to take breaks to lounge on the couch or bed, sighing happily and daydreaming.  It is a strange experience. I think it finally passed last night when I had the pleasure of being able to tell some of the juicy details to Juesance, who has the special place in my life as my confidant-lover, always eager to hear all the juicy details that I want to share, full of voyeuristic compersion.  And I had the loving arms of all my sexy friends at kinky class last night, which was particularly full of love and affection in the hours after class at the hotel bar. The people in my life are so fucking amazing, I am such a lucky girl.  A lucky, happy, slutty, naughty princess of a girl. With a bondage carrot.

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