Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adventures with Mr Toy and Alpha Domme part two

 As she prepared the toys from their bag, he tried to put the wrist restraints on me.  I stepped on his feet with my clunky shoes.  "I don't know why you don't make me take them off" I taunted him.  "Take off your shoes" he responded. Heh.  "Say please" I snapped back.  He put on his most menacing look and grabbed a paddle, wrestling with me and telling me to take off my shoes.  I giggled brattily and finally agreed.  I stepped over to the side of the playspace and removed them.  He turned his back, tending to the toy bag with her.  I threw a shoe at his butt.  "Ok, who has a spreader bar?" she asked loudly.  Someone gleefully responded and brought it to her.  My heart started beating fast and I settled down, ready to accept what they had in store for me. He clipped my restraints to chains that hung from the ceiling and clasped my feet to the bar.  I looked up at him grinning as he put the blindfold on, and pleaded for them not to hurt and mark me up too much.  I felt safe, looking in his eyes, and let go

I was so disoriented, I was not aware of anyone after a few minutes of the blindfold on.  I got pretty spacey pretty fast, as they swirled around me.  The varying sensations of pleasure and pain were so dizzying, and there were times when I couldn't tell which person was where. I lost all sense of anyone else in the room, the music, anything.  I just felt myself and the sensations they were giving me. The blindness heightened the other senses, like I could smell his leather collar and could feel her hair so that was a clue of who was who. There was pinching, soft petting, slapping, nibbling, caning, spanking, some sort of sort furry sensation brushing across me, poking, hair pulling.  Two people working in unison to confuse my senses, mixing pleasure and pain with sensuality and a bit of fear.

As I was very limited in my ability to move, I found myself writing around, sometimes to avoid something painful like the caning, sometimes to grind myself into something pleasurable, like Mr. Toy's chest or hand.  Alpha Domme put on a pair of vampire gloves and ground them into my panties, and the sensation of all those little spiky things made me orgasm.  I had several orgasms, my body exploding at the more pleasurable and erotic sensations like her mouth nibbling the back of my neck and pulling my hair, and his fingers sliding deeply down my throat as I worked very hard to take every inch that he gave me.
As the painful things ramped up, I went to a spacey place of trust and let go of control and I went almost numb.  Not a bad numb, but a wash of contentment that came over me where I knew there were things that should be hurting but they didn't really hurt.  I just felt all squishy and melty.

At the end, he took me out of the restraints and got me to a chair.  My knees were all wobbly.  I got some water and Damascus was there for me, he had watched most of the scene and seemed to like it.  

They had both been telling me that I would like to be co-Topped by them and they were right.  It was an amazing mix of pleasure and pain and a wonderfully erotic and sensual experience.  I have really enjoyed playing with them and hope for future adventures!

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