Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures with Mr Toy and Alpha Domme, part one

He stood across the room, naked except for a giant collar with a silver pawprint medallion on it.  He had already been beaten by Alpha Domme and he was lounging around, being silly. We had been poking at each other, making goofy faces,clipping clothespins to one another in passing. I had been told that we could play after Alpha Domme had finished with him, and she was resting with a cute boy on a couch behind him.  So I stuck my tongue out at him and flipped him the finger.  Just a taste of the brattiness that would be in store.  I have discovered how to push this switch's toppy buttons.

He approached me and we alternated between giggling together and him looking menacingly at me, pressing against me into the rope wall. I had a hard time keeping a straight face because he was naked.  Not that it was funny... he is very, very sexy, but... look...penis! hehe, giggle... it just makes me laugh sometimes, I can't help it. Alpha Domme joined us and went to the other side of the rope wall, pulling at my hair, scratching at my sides and slapping my ass and thighs every now and then.  Damascus had made me a pair of wrist restraints that were attached to the metal loops in my punky, schoolgirl skirt, and Mr Toy removed them and they attached me arms to the rope wall, arms spread out wide.

While it was hot to have them both touching me at the same time and having him push himself up against me to the rope wall while she fondled me from behind, I think she tired of not getting a good angle for spanking  and she wandered off after a while.  I am very respectful and a bit intimidated by her, but he just brings out the brat in me, so once she left, I resumed stepping on his bare feet with my clunky shoes (I don't know why he didn't try to take them off!) and kicking at his freshly beaten butt when he turned around to get another toy, and generally squirming and making him laugh. There was tearing of my fishnet top and stockings, some knife play, and other delicious little tortures and taunting. I relished the opportunities to be his little brat when he turned his back, kicking at him (again with the clunky shoes!) until he would grab my leg and lift it up until I was afraid to lose balance and fall.  I did something really bratty, I don't even know what anymore, which made him turn his back to get some scary implement to punish me with, and I unclipped my wrist restraint and poked at his side.  Hehe, never trust a subby who brings her own restraints.

That was the final bratty straw, and he glared at me as he unclipped my other restraint, grabbed me by the hair, and led me to the couch where Alpha Domme and the cute boy were sitting.  Their big bag of toys happened to be there, so he sat next to it and put me over his knee.  He spanked me with a few paddles and his hand and I squealed and felt the room watching this whole scene.  I think we were rather entertaining to watch.  I pinched at his leg while he tried to subdue me and he got up to get another paddle.  I somehow got a hold of it and threw it out of his reach.  Then he got the horse scrapers and threatened me with them and I grabbed onto them so he couldn't use them.  I love wrestling for control with him! 

And then the big pawprint paddle came out.  *gulp* This is a scary wooden paddle with a raised wooden paw mark on it and I knew that would be painful and it would be the final strike of the scene.  He looked at Alpha Domme for permission and it was granted and then he looked at me.  I knew it would leave a mark and I knew that would probably be hard for Damascus, but I wanted it so badly, so I consented.  This was all done non-verbally, but it was a clear communication to me.  He motioned to my thigh, and that being the one that modu had bruised heavily a short time before, I flipped and motioned to the other side. We both took a deep breath and he struck me with it.  There was a pop of pain, a pause, and then the pain rose again, worse the second time.  It was strange and intense and adrenaline pushing, and I sort of melted and was done. He eased me onto the couch and got me some water and sat with me for a while as we talked and chatted.  Everyone around us seemed amused at the show we put on, and I was proud of the paw mark I received.  Damascus took the picture above a few minutes afterwards.  It looked very pretty as the blood rushed to the surface. 

It was a super fun and awesome scene.  It must have been fun to watch, me being a total brat, him naked except for his collar, trying to control me, succeeding sometimes, but losing control other times.  We laughed a lot, we got serious and quiet sometimes, we had great sexual chemistry together, I had many little orgasms in the quiet moments.  We have such fun and unique scenes together.  I really love the variety of kinky interests that I have and how different partners each bring a different personality to play.  I also really love being a brat to him and how we revert to schoolyard antics together.  It's so much fucking fun! It's also something I couldn't do to that extent with the other people I play with, but it seems to work for Mr. Toy and I. A lot of my kinky interests tend to be a bit heavy and require me to do a lot of thinking and processing, but I also really like the ease and fun that roleplaying at this lighthearted, sensual level brings.  I am so glad I am starting to be able to really PLAY and have fun in this way!

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