Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forgotten Thrill

Oh how could I forget this part of the last scene with Mr Toy that I wrote about?  It was one of my favorite things!  It's so funny how getting all spacy in a scene leaves one unable to recall or think straight.  It's a really amazing game of the mind, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

At some point in the middle of our scene I was being a brat, probably being sassy and defiant or squirming out of my restraints or back talking in some way.  Who knows, what I did... but I surely did something to warrant him taking the knife he was scratching across my body to rip off the band of my fishnets.  He tied them into a makeshift, stretchy gag that he slipped over my head and into my mouth.  

I was a little nervous, because we are still new to playing, and being restrained and gagged means a lessened chance of being able to safeword, but I could still sort of mumble and the gag wasn't very wide or tight, so I knew I could force it out of my mouth with my tongue and lips.  Which, of course, I did, when he turned me around and I was facing away.  It's so fun to be so bratty to him.

I find it really hot to be gagged or to have my mouth otherwise occupied, and I am loving it from him especially.  He seems to delight in sliding his fingers down my throat or clipping clothespins to my tongue or poking or pinching at it, and I love giving him that opportunity.  The hotness of being gagged with my own torn fishnets is even more thrilling.  I never get tired of the sound and feel of fishnets ripping, and now I have another erotic association with it.

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