Monday, November 7, 2011

Heart Beat

I am enjoying learning and understanding the multitudes of things that can make me orgasm lately.  And I am finding myself more and more intrigued with the orgasms that are more unusual, like ones brought on by being touched in unlikely places, or by sounds or sights, or just my own naughty overactive brain.

I reclined on the couch, as he laid on top of me, in a delicious evening of snuggling and kissing. We were fully dressed below the waist and my legs wrapped around his chest as he lifted my shirt a bit and kissed the ticklish spot on my belly. I think my giggles excited him and in the quiet moment that passed between us, I felt the very subtle thump of his heart start to race.  I closed my eyes and realized that his heart was beating directly on my clit, and that I felt it through about three layers of clothing. The very thought of our two organs lining up and beating together sent me into a writhing series of trembling orgasms, rolling one after another, before I even realized what I was experiencing.

That divine place where minds, hearts, and bodies meet is a place of ultimate ecstasy for me.

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