Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Sofa

Recently, in one of many recent conversations with Damascus about setting rules and defining comfort levels regarding our newly opening relationship, we came to an agreement about the bedroom.  We decided to keep the bedroom as a sacred sexual space between the two of us, not sharing the bed with others.  Unless, we were both sharing it with someone together, that is.  I think this is a good arrangement that gives us our own special safe space, and I was pleased we negotiated this detail together easily and early.

Last night, Damascus and I sat together on the sofa, and he read my last post for the first time while I was at his side.  I was terrified that he would be upset or hurt by reading about the intimate things I did with someone else on that same sofa, just a couple of days before. I sat there, bracing myself, MY heart racing in fear in anticipation of his reaction.  But he didn't get upset.  He smiled softly and held me in his arms and said it was ok. And that made me very happy.

He has mentioned feeling a little bit of envy lately, of my time and attention that I am expending with others, which is understandable considering the amount of New Relationship Energy that I have been experiencing.  I am working on ways to make the NRE flow over into our relationship and we set up a special date night that will be good for us, too.  He also mentioned missing the snogging sessions that we used to do early in our relationship, which I am more than happy to invite back into our lives.

In fact, after reading the blog and talking about it while on the sofa, last night, we started in on some of that return to snogging.  And beyond!  Perhaps I read a little too much into it, but I had the distinct impression that even though we made the sofa an accepted open sexytime space, he was going to make sure that we properly christened it in its new role properly ourselves.  While we have certainly fooled around and had sex on the sofa in the past, I don't think we have ever fucked quite so hot and hard there before!  Again, maybe it was all in my own twisted mind, but I felt a welcome combination of healthy competition and caring dominance...I knew that my pussy was owned by him on that sofa in that moment, and that is a memory that is not going to fade anytime soon.

Of course, the sofa is an old rickety futon and is not very comfortable, and I have been wanting to save up the money to buy a new one for a few years now.  I feel like I have new incentive.  I would really love a large, sprawling sectional sofa, to share snuggly time with my sweetheart and where we can spend comfy times with our friends and friends-with-benefits.  And I must admit, I would like the opportunity to properly break in another piece of furniture with Damascus. :)

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