Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Code d Ode Notes

I am posting these rough notes I took while reading the Code d' Odalisque.  Not a lot of firm thoughts, just some observations and things I am drawn to about it.

Things that resonate about the Code d'Ode with me:

The pleasure slave is kept as an object of beauty to provide pleasure for one Keeper, wanting to serve and be used for his desires.  The pleasure slave does not serve domestically in terms of cleaning, chores, and other such service and she does not give up total power and control, it is specifically sexual and sensual in scope with specific times in service and out of service. Enjoyment of pleasure and high art, artful and creativity inducing rules and activities are an intrinsic part of the Code. Odalisques are treated with respect and pampered in a fantasy of life of luxury. They are held in esteem, not just one of many, and are cherished for their sexuality and cock worshipping skills.

These are things that we have been doing or fantasizing about that are Code-like:

Desire for cock worship
Having my orgasms owned by him, total orgasm control
Having me be naked around house when possible
Being shared with others (with kinky play at parties)
Put on display as an object of beauty or sexuality flaunted but not ridiculed
Kissing and licking and sucking of his hands and fingers
Punishment (or threat of) caging, confinement, silence, bondage, holding positions
Caging to show ownershi, but not in an abusive way... looking pretty in a cage
Discipline and obedience to cultivate proper slave mind and action
Guidance towards refinement of manners and etiquette (curbing my brattiness)
Training sexually to suit his desires (anal training)
Having an over mistress or slave trainer to care for and train slave properly
Prepping (grooming) of Keeper by slave (undressing, dressing)
Interest in positions, commands, gestures and protocol
Obedience and respect
Begging and pleading
Wanting to be tutored and trained
Decorating the body (drawing)
Control of clothing and appearance
Crawling on hands and knees
Encouraged to be sexual and to beg for cock
Training of making drinks for pleasure and serving
Torture by pleasure as means of control
Entertainment by odalisque (hosting parties)
Massage (wanting to rub his feet, scratching his back, finding pleasure spots)
Displays of lust, speaking lewdly, forced eye contact while doing these things and while masturbating
Dedication to one Master, not to be freely taken like a slut but wanting to have guided experiences
Inspection and adoration as scene

Things I am very curious about from the Code:

Marking ceremony tattoo or branding
Ordeals, setting goals for fulfilling fantasies
Black pearls as reward for ordeals
Mantra chant for simplification of thoughts
Glory holes and dreamboxes
Use of charitable donation for slave "trade"

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