Friday, October 21, 2011

Benefits of Breath

I have been making a greater effort lately to lose some weight and get healthier.  I had been doing well but had a setback in the form of an ovarian cyst which made me sore and very tired for a couple of months.  But I seem to be managing the pain now (quitting coffee seemed to help) and I am working hard to go to the gym more often and make better food choices.

I haven't liked working out at the gym.  While I understand the health benefits long-term, the short term benefits don't seem to ever add up for me.  Weight loss is slooow.  I see little progress. It takes a chunk of time out of my busy day which I resent. I end up tired and sore and that makes me lose more time. 

People tell me that you can get into a groove if you practice enough.  That the soreness will pass and as you get stronger, it will feel more beneficial.  I can see this starting to happen, ever so slightly. I am able to use the elliptical machine for longer and burn more calories... twice as much as I could a month or so ago. I am no longer gasping for breath after a few minutes with sore lungs and an uncomfortably pounding heart. So that's progress!  I don't know if I could say I really like it, but I am starting to see some progress that appeals to me.  The hot tub time at the end of the workout has been my incentive, as I love the sensation of hot bubbly water on my flesh, but I would like to enjoy the workout itself, so I am searching for greater benefits.

I have started to pay more attention to the music I choose while I work out.  And I have been choosing music that has an erotic or sexual appeal to me.  It started with some old 80's Ska, which always makes me feel a little tingly, with its fast beats, sexy cockney slang, and intelligent lyrics.  One day at the gym, I had an all Ska workout, and I ended up feeling not only work-out-sweaty, but sexy and a little wet as well.  Apparently, I got pretty turned on!  Maybe it was the music itself or maybe the music plus the motion.  I tried to envision myself dancing a bit, and I put some hips into it and moved to the beat.  Since then I have been looking for music that turns me on  and have been adding it to my iPod.  As I have progressed, I find myself getting more than wet from a workout...  I am damn horny!  Maybe that is a reflection of what is going on in my life as well, as I have been very aroused lately in general.  I am likely too reserved to acutally orgasm at the gym while working out, but I may be coming close.  I try to visit when there are fewer people there, so as to not make a scene.  Orgasms are definitely a benefit to working out!

And I mentioned lung capacity.  I have seen my increase in lung capacity help me in maintaining longer orgasms during sex lately.  I have discovered I have these nice, long rolling orgasms that can last for several minutes, with waves of orgasms followed by quiet periods of time where I am trembling and "holding on" to the feeling so I can "catch another wave".  I have been experiencing these for a while, but I usually can't hold on too long, because my lungs start to feel sore and I get light headed.  Who wants to stop such an amazing experience for something as silly as "breathing"?  Heh, I guess it is important or something.  And now I think I can have longer waves and have been concentrating on slowing my breathing to make them last as long as possible.  This is clearly another benefit to sticking to my workout schedule!

I am proud that I have been going to the gym on my allotted 3 days a week for a few weeks now.  Aside from these obvious sexual benefits, I hope to actually start to lose weight and feel stronger and active soon.  And perhaps I can actually learn to have a quiet orgasm on the elliptical... who knows?  It's kind of hot to think about, actually.

When I checked in at the gym today, the gal at the desk told me that my limited 3 day account is now upgraded for free.  Now I can go in anytime I want, any day, as if it was an omen from the sex gods to keep up the good work and good orgasms.

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