Monday, September 10, 2012


So, I slept in a cage over the weekend!

I spent a few days at a beautiful cottage on the lake with some of my kinky family. It was a nice place, roomy, with lots of places to sleep. There was a bed big enough for Damascus and I. But they also set up the cage for me to sleep in. They made it all comfy, with a padded bottom and a comforter, and it was rather roomy for me to crawl into and curl up in comfortably.  We have been toying around with cage fantasies for months now, but here it was, set up in the room for me.  I felt like it was my choice if I wanted to sleep in it or not.  But I also felt like it was a bit of a test.  Was I really committed to sleeping in a cage for the whole night, or would I chicken out and choose the more comfortable option of the full bed? I wanted very much to sleep in the cage though, for reasons I didn't really understand, so I did spend the majority of two nights sleeping in it.  I have returned home and slept in my own bed for a night, so now I am processing the cage experience and what it means to me.

I have determined some things that it is not about.  It's not about any kind of animal play.  I don't go into puppy or kitty mode, want to have a tail or ears, or adopt some animal pet type persona.  I felt a little like a hamster, but it's just that being all bunched up in the blankets, burrowing myself a comfy little spot, reminded me of the Russian Dwarf hamsters I had many years ago and how they behaved.  I brought a water bottle, some tissues, and a few other creature comforts into the cage with me, which reminded me of how my hamsters would stash seeds and food in the corner of their cages. Those were just fond memories, though... I do not feel like a kinky hamster or other creature at all.  I can relate some of my feelings of being caged to animals, as reference, but it's not about animal play.

I also didn't feel like it was a punishment or imprisonment. I wasn't being excluded from anything.  I wasn't in "trouble".  While I don't think I would mind being put in a cage as a form of punishment, this isn't how it felt.  I fantasize about that sometimes, too. I like the idea of being bratty or overly aroused and being confined to my cage, not allowed to play or please myself, controlled and restricted to a confined space. But that didn't seem to be what the cage was about this weekend, not for me, and not for them either, I don't think.

When I was in the cage, I felt protected and safe.  I felt like it was a special place that I could be kept.  And that seems appropriate, as we have been using the word Keeper to describe his role of dominance. The cage was placed on the floor at his feet where they slept in the bed.  I felt comfortable, yet I felt controlled.  It reminded me of the place I like to be with them, on the floor, on my knees, near their feet. The cage was not locked by anyone, but as I went in, I closed the latch myself, and that made me feel secure and content. If we can go back to he caged animal idea, I think it made me feel more like an exotic bird or pet, like some kind of precious, colorful, wild creature who needs a cage for safety and protection in order to be kept.  I also felt like I could be a beautiful specimen, put on display and kept comfortable and content until it was time to perform or be shown off at their whim. And if we bring it back to humanity, thinking about being a odalisque or pleasure slave, I felt like I could be an exquisite human pet, an item of prestige, one who is kept for another's pleasure.  It is sort of an objectifying feeling, but being an "object" that brings pleasure to others is very appealing to me. 

The first night, I had a hard time falling asleep.  I struggled to be comfortable enough to sleep, which would have likely happened in a strange place in a room full of people anyway.  The metal of the cage made it a little cold near my skin.  I liked feeling the metal against me, but the temperature was just too chilly for me.  After a while of struggling, I finally got up to pee, as my bladder was bothering me too, and I pulled a comforter into the cage with me.  That put me right to sleep for the second half of the night.  I woke up when she got up and out of bed, then dozed off a while longer, and then woke up again a little before he did. I heard him moving and getting out of bed and I started making little noises against the bars of the cage to remind him where I was.  The smallest movements, touching the metal with my hands and feet, made little clinky metallic sounds that got his attention.  He seemed happy and smiled when he got out of bed, naked, and came to the cage to see me curled up inside.  He left to join the others for a while and then I asked Damascus to ask him to let me out after I dozed off again for a while.  While I didn't get put into or locked into the cage (we decided I should snuggle Damascus to sleep so he wasn't lonely and left out before I caged myself) I definitely didn't want to uncage myself in the morning.  It seemed like a nice morning ritual, to ask for permission to leave the cage.

The second night, I took longer to get into the cage.  I had a migraine before bed and wanted it to clear before getting in the cage. I drank a lot of water to rehydrate and knew I would have to pee several times. I wanted to give Damascus extra snuggles too.  So I laid in the bed with him for quite some time until I felt him fall asleep. But before I fell asleep too hard in the bed, I caged myself up again and then I slept well.  Very late in the night/early morning I heard the two of them moving around on the bed and it stirred my fantasies and thoughts.  I got very aroused and couldn't sleep for quite some time, my brain active in thought and questions and imagery.  I wanted to masturbate, but I would have had to ask him permission.  I delighted for a while in that thought. I wanted to orgasm, I was "locked" away in a cage in the same room where the two people who I am allowed to orgasm with, either by relationship or by permission.  It was a torturous delight to think about that.  I finally fell asleep and had even more erotic dreams.

When he woke up out of bed the second morning, I rose to my knees as he came to the side of the cage to wish me a good morning.  He put his fingers between the bars and I licked and sucked on them as he stood naked above me.  I asked him if I could have an orgasm and he said "yes you may", so I laid back down in the cage, spreading my legs for him as he sat on the side of the bed, watching me very eagerly finger myself to orgasm, finally relieving the sexual tension that had built up all night.  He looked pleased as I moaned and writhed, naked, clutching at the bars of the cage while I watched him watch me.  I did a few things especially for him while I had his undivided attention, because I know he likes it: I slid my fingers inside a few times and licked my fingers clean after I came.  When I was finished, he opened he cage door for me, pet my head and called me a good girl, and sent me up to the bed to snuggle with Damascus, who was still sort of sleeping.

While I had been fantasizing about cages on my own for a while and with him for a few months, I wasn't sure how I would like it in reality.  It effected me quite strongly and am pleased to find that my instincts about liking being caged were correct.  I liked it even more than I thought and I hope to incorporate being caged into even more of my fantasies now.

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  1. Sweet, but it's still far from slavery. My slaves simply sleep in their cell. Chained. And they certainly don't lock up themselves, hehehe.