Thursday, June 28, 2012

More-gasms, Nitrile Gloves, and the Book of Brats

At one of the parties last week, my scene with Mr Toy wrestling and ripping all of my clothes off was very hot, and I had many orgasms.  They were the kind of orgasms that I get when very mentally aroused.  Full body, convulsing, rumbling sorts of waves of pleasure. There was little-to-no genital touching, though, so while those orgasms were pleasurable, playing with him also inspired a deep desire for other kinds of orgasms, which might not have been appropriate for our playtime, for various reasons.  By the time we were done I had gotten all wet and worked up and I wanted very badly to have a clitoral orgasm and I could even feel the need for an internal orgasm (which is more rare of a desire for me).  Playing with Mr Toy caused my cravings for pain and impact and manhandling to be fulfilled, too, but while we played, he started to trigger some of my submissive desires, so I was left feeling pretty horny and submissive. And as the party started to die down, I found myself in the presence of Modulator, who, being the playmate who has known me very well for the longest time, seemed to sense my desires and needs right away.

By this point, I was all sorts of horny and subby feeling. I started to get close to him fought with my feelings a bit. I didn't want to get anymore worked up without release, so being near him felt a little dangerous, as he is very prone to working me up. But I was drawn to him, as I always am, and he often pulls me in and fucks with me a little bit, giving me a growl or "the look" or a hair pull, and then sends me away.  I was so aroused, I didn't want to be sent away. I was almost on the verge of tears from my frustration as he started to tease me. And as he leaned in and whispered something naughty to me as he pulled my hair, I started to slip into that submissive space that makes me want to give up control to him.  But yet I was fighting it!  And I was sort of pissed that has this ability over me.  I feel so weak around him sometimes and that makes my strong, inner feminist angry at myself, so I was having an internal battle.  But at some point I remembered that this is the "thing we do" and that I trust him with that control, so I gave it up. And I started a steady stream of wave after wave of full body, rumbly orgasms, one after another. I vaguely remember my friends saying goodbye to me as they left the party.  He paused and guided me to give hugs to people as they left, and then pulled me back in, continuing to make me orgasm with just a few words or touches.

After a while of this, I noticed that everyone was gone, except for one guy sleeping on the couch across the room.  Modulator seemed pleased with himself at all to orgasms he gave me without having to work very hard with anything but his words and some well timed grabs and pinches and pulls.  I started to stumble away from him as he reached into his bag and pulled out a black nitrile rubber glove. (Oh hello, new fetish!) and slipped it on his hand.  He sat down and beckoned to me with his gloved hand, with "the look" and it took me a few seconds to understand what he was offering.  In the times that I have played with him since Damascus and I have opened our relationship, we have not been sexual in such a physical way, so finger fucking was sort of something new to bring to our second wave of experimentation, even though we have had sex in the past, years ago. 

When I finally figured out what he was going to do, I excitedly bounced back over to him, lifting my skirt and eagerly spreading my legs and lowering myself onto his strong, big hand.  I instantly started to cum as he stroked at my clit and slid his fingers inside of me.  He started to fuck me harder with his massive fingers and while he attempted to grab a hand towel in time, I made a squirty messy spot on the leg of his jeans.  I was not expecting to squirt, but I am not surprised I did.  I just haven't learned all the warning signs and can't predict when it will happen. (but I am thinking when I am OMG so turned on I could explode... that's a probable time).  After the first squirting orgasm, I could feel more, so I walked to the other side of the room and grabbed my beach towel and put it on the floor.  I lowered myself to my knees before him and continued to squirt a few more times, without further stimulation, as he watched, seemingly pleased with himself.

Modulator has been keeping a little red book of brats and their wrongdoings.  I had become aware of my page in it a few weeks ago.  But apparently, squirting on the only pair of pants he brought with him... was worthy of my first entry in the book.As I recovered after my orgasms and looked up at him, he had written me up and was showing me the entry. Which means that someday, I will have to pay for that crime.

*bounce bounce bounce*
yay! whee!

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