Monday, June 25, 2012


Events have been clustered together lately and I have gotten some much needed release from the stress of my trade show a couple of weeks ago. While on the trip, things were stressful, tedious, exhausting, and vanilla. I could confide a little bit in my travel mate, as she already knew about the poly/open relationship stuff, but the little glimpse I gave her into my kink world was a little much for her, so I didn't talk much about all this exciting and wonderful stuff for about a week. When I got back, I was all sorts of horny, pent up, wanting pain and sensation, and full of submissive desires. Hedo got me started on a new writing project after I got settled back home (more on that soon) and there were kinky events and parties that were waiting for me, just when I needed them!

In fact the day after my return, our kinky class was a hands on impact class. I almost didn't go, as I thought it might be more rigidly structured and I didn't have a dedicated partner to play with. Given my state, I thought that watching might be too frustrating for me, wanting to play so badly myself, but my need for like minded companionship exceeded my fears of frustration. I was really glad I went, because Mr. Toy and I ended up having a great bratty wrestling battle. We put on quite a show for the class, we were full of goofy energy and really had a blast. I got to be a brat and I made him work really hard to get me restrained.  Even the class got involved by throwing him rope and duct tape to try to use on me. He might be tall and strong, but I am slippery and squirmy. We managed to keep our clothes on, but decided that clearly next time, we needed to wrestle naked. It was fun, sexy, sweaty and I got spanked and overpowered which really helped calm all the frustrated desires I had been having over the last couple of weeks.

Fortunately, the next play party was jut a few days later.  We texted throughout the week with taunts and teasing, which has become our way of negotiating, I guess.  I think we have played enough where we are clear about our limits and we can just have fun and not negotiate too many details, which makes it even more fun, because I trust him. But the next wrestling event needed a little pre-planning, as we decided he would rip all of my clothes off.  So I went to the thrift store and got myself a cute little outfit for a couple of dollars, which I altered by cutting the seam with scissors for extra slutty cuteness (and to be more easily torn).  I found a shirt that said Fighters Unite, which made me feel bad ass.  It was even more awesome because it had a paw print on the back, one of Mr. Toy and Alpha Domme's symbols.  The paw was in brass knuckle form, which was even more bad ass.  I had my trademark fishnets, this time they were thigh highs attached to running shorts with some little suspender clips.  And of course, an old pair of black undies, for the final touch. I gave him permission for a first for me... full nudity in public.  I was going to make popping that cherry a big bang!

The wrestling was super fun and having my clothes torn off was awesome. As has been the trend, it was a bratty, giggly, sweaty, high energy sort of thing, with lots of people watching. It was very liberating and freeing, actually, to be naked too, by the end.  There were little shreds of clothing everywhere, and he gagged me with my panties, which were very wet by the time we were done, and tied them in place with a remnant of my fishnets. After the wrestling, he took me to a cross and Alpha Domme helped him tie me up to it.  We had a much calmer, more intense, and very sexy session on the cross.  He used floggers and knives and paddles and his hands.  I barely remember a lot of that because I spaced out quite a bit.  And I had many quiet rumbly orgasms.  I think I was too quiet, as he asked me if I came later. I did, about a dozen times. After all of that exhibitionism and nudity, I should be a little more vocal to let everyone know I am enjoying myself... I will have to work on that more.  Still a shy hurdle, I guess, openly having orgasms in public.  

Part of what got me so hot and excited (as if wrestling with a sexy guy isn't enough) was that he leaned in a few times and spoke to me with some very dominant teasing and threats that melted my brain.  I remember a "good girl" in there, which is sure to get me excited when spoken by someone I want to hear it from.  And he threatened to make me sit in the corner and masturbate while he watched when we were done.  That really spoke to my subby urges.  And he bit and nibbled and said some very sexy things that made me orgasm just from the words.  So yeah, it was very delicious.  Sadly, we had to end a bit abruptly, as he had a family situation come up, and that's a priority.  I was a very floaty happy girl by the time he was done, though.

As if all of that fun play wasn't enough, I got another chance to play with him just a week later, at a party that Damascus and I hosted!  This time I was egging him on while he was waiting chained on the cross, naked, for Alpha Domme to beat him.  That's the rule, she gets to beat him before I can play with him.  But she had also said she would show off their toybag to our newbie kinkster friends, and she got caught up in that.  So I was fucking with Mr Toy to kill time.  I didn't realize that he wasn't firmly attached to the cross, and after one too many times tossing a damp towel at him, he surprised me by unclipping himself and setting in to restrain me instead!

We struggled a bit, with his restraints coming off of him and being put onto me, attaching me to the rope wall.  Again, we were in the unusual position of him being buck naked and playing Top and dominating me, while I was more clothed, which is a bit of a mind-fuck.  I love the twisted switchiness of it all!  We started to get caught up in playing and then the cross he left got taken over by someone else.  Alpha Domme had moved onto other demos, but she would step in to give him a hand, telling him to gag me with my fishnet band and whipping me and striking me with various things.  It was kind of a crazy blur, I don't remember much.  I know I ended up with my feet attached to the rope wall and him hovering over me, with his junk dangling and making me giggle.  I removed my gag and used it as a rubber band to fling at his balls repeatedly, which I got pretty good at.  We started to wind down, panting, and there were a few orgasms for me as he leaned in very close to me.  I remember he bit at my nipples and made me come.  It was crazy fun.  I hope we didn't get in too much trouble for breaking the *Alpha Domme plays first rule*, but if it is trouble, I hope it is the good, fun kind that we might have to pay for later. :)

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