Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photo-Fantasy Challenge, Reflections

I should probably wrap up the Photo Fantasy Challenge with a few thoughts about how I feel about the task.  I think it was a very good challenge for me in that it helped me verbalize some of the fantasies I have been having lately, which have often been hard to express.  The fantasies I wrote about may have seemed a bit tame, but I wanted to write about things that I would actually want to have happen in my life.  Sure, there are all sorts of wild fantasies I could write about, but many of those are things that are impractical or unsafe. 

So, for this task, I wanted to base them in reality.  Actually, a few of them were memories, or acts that were more or less being acted out right before or right after they were written.  A couple of them became almost blueprints for future activities, because... have I mentioned that I have some fucking awesome sexy partners in my life? I do!  I have the kinds of partners who read my blog and listen to my fantasies and want to make them happen for me.  And I have partners who read them and who want to make them even better, now that they know what kinds of things are ticking in my head.  Fucking awesome!

The photo element was difficult at first, but became easier.  While the original task was not given to post these pictures on my public blog here, it was what I wanted to do.  So the pictures are perhaps also more tame than ones I might have taken in private.  Although this task did open the door to my openness to other photography that I have shared with Damascus, which seemed to be very exciting for him, as he has been wanting to photograph me for a long time.  He took a few of the blog pics, in fact, at my direction.  And then we took others that we are keeping more private.  :)

I like having more personal imagery here on the blog and I feel like I have been able to do it creatively and maintain my privacy, so I hope to explore more in future posts.  I also enjoyed the creativity of the fantasy writing and have had friends/readers who have been enjoying reading them, so I hope to do more of that as well.

As for Hedo, who game me this task... he used the ideas behind Day Eight fantasy to construct a scene for me at a play party last week, which was incredibly hot.  Receiving this task was sort of a challenge from me to him, as well, and he was very successful in his dominant duties in both giving, receiving, and following through on the challenges I more subtly gave him.  We are meeting for dinner tonight to discuss all of these events more, which is very exciting! 

Thanks to my friends for reading and supporting me in this challenge!

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